Help & F.A.Q.s

Frequently asked questions

I would like to pay for my order with cheque. What date(s) do I use?

We do accept post dated cheques as per the order schedule. (You may also split up paying for your bi-weekly order with two cheques if that is easier for you.)  By post dating your cheques like this your cheque will not clear the bank till you have received your certificates. Please refer to the Gift Card Schedule for these dates. You can find this schedule by clicking on the information tab - gift card schedule.

Who do I write the cheque out to?

Cheques are payable to CRSS (Canadian Reformed School Society)

I chose to pay for my order with cheque or cash, who do I give my payment too?

Please continue to drop your cash and cheque off at the school office by 11:00 of the order due date. (You can also send it along with your son/daughter.)

Can I use e-transfer to pay for my order?

Yes you can. Please send your payment to . Payment needs to be received by the Friday before delivery date. Please refer to the schedule of dates under the information tab. The answer to the security question should be "mcsgiftcards". Also indicate on the message line of your e-transfer the order date that the payment is for. This will help us to ensure that the payment is applied to the correct order.

Why can I not purchase certain certificates with a credit card?

Since the profit margin for some of the certificates is very small, the school would actually be loosing money if we accepted payment for these certificiates via credit card due to the credit card fees involved. At this time we will not accept credit card payment for Costco and Pioneer certificates. We reserve the right to substitute with a certificate from another vendor. 

Is it possible to have a standing order so I do not have to think of placing an order every other week?

Yes. You may give a standing order to any of the committee members along with post dated cheques at any time, and they will look after placing your order on every order date. You will be reminded via email when your orders are ready for pick up/send home and when the committee runs out of post dated cheques. 

I would like to change my standing order. Who do I contact?

Please contact Margareth Hoeksema at and she will be happy to assist you. 

How do I know the balance that is on my certificate?

You can call the number that is on the back of the gift card. Alternately, your balance is printed on your receipt at each use. TIP: After your purchase, record the balance on your card with a marker.